Answered By: Robert Miller
Last Updated: Aug 03, 2023     Views: 1096

Let's say you want to use two different FBI web pages, both published in 2021.

Put them in your References list with the author as Federal Bureau of Investigation, and then further alphabetize them by title. Add "a" after the date of the first one and "b" after the date of the second, like this:

Federal Bureau of Investigation. (2021a). Cyber crime.

Federal Bureau of Investigation. (2021b). Terrorism.

In-text, cite the first one like this: (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2021a).

Cite the second one like this in-text: (Federal Bureau of Investigation, 2021b).

That is how to handle APA citations for two items that have the same author and the same date. You can add "c" and "d" and so on if you have more than two items with the same author and date.

If your sources have no date (n.d.), you will format them like this: (n.d.-a), (n.d.-b), etc.

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