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Here are the library's suggestions for this assignment:

Start off by selecting a theory or theorist to research. Does your course material include such information? If not then you can Google management theories OR management theorists to identify a topic. Or you can use OneSearch to find an encyclopedia article on management theories and theorists. You need to start with very GENERAL information before you dig deeper into scholarly journals.

From the library home page enter your search terms in the OneSearch box and put a check mark at Scholarly Journals only. Find an article of interest that is either written BY the theorist you selected or about that person, or about the theory itself. Look in the left frame to Limit to publication date so that your hits will be within the last 5 years.

If possible find an article describing some unique aspect or best practice in management in your field. For example, try a search statement like non-profit organization AND management AND (best practices OR skills), or whatever your field is.

Write a summary of that article, 2 or 3 paragraphs long. Give the class your search statement that you used so that they know what your topic is.

Finding your classmates' articles based on their summaries

Just do your best with this part of the assignment (finding 4-5 articles based on what your classmates wrote about their articles). 

There's no exact, precise way to track down an article based just on a description, without knowing the article's author, title, etc. Unfortunately, a librarian cannot spend time with you doing an in-depth search.

Here are our tips: 

Search in OneSearch, Business Source Ultimate, and/or ABI/INFORM, using keywords based on your classmate's description of their article.

For example, if your classmate described the article as having to do with classical organizational theory and Weber, then search in a database like this:

"organizational theory" AND classical AND Weber

Again, there is no perfect, exact way to find your classmates' articles without knowing authors or titles. Just do your best and think of it as an interesting exercise using the library databases.



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