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NEW PROCEDURE!  O'Reilly now uses Single Sign-on, but many classroom links have not been updated and are using old links that do not work properly. This procedure will help you gain access if you have encountered a Bad Gateway message when trying to access an O'Reilly book from your classroom.

If the link in your classroom is not working, please do this:   

  1. First, click here to log into O'Reilly.
  2. Then click on the link in your classroom and it should work and take you directly to the book.  

If your classroom instructions tell you to create an O'Reilly account

Those instructions are outdated.  You do not need to do that.  Follow the procedure above.  

Where did my old Playlists go? 

They are still accessible.  See How do I access my old O'Reilly playlists?  

Using O'Reilly

Features include choosing topics you're interested in, creating content playlists, getting personalized recommendations, highlighting sections and adding notes, and sharing content.  You can also explore the "Learning Paths".  

Download the O'Reilly App and use O'Reilly on the go.  

Visit the Support Center for details about using the features as well as the mobile app, or to contact O'Reilly for help.  

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